Geometry Box

Flair’s range of geometry box assures high quality and excellency, being one of the top geometry box manufacturers and best geometry box company in India.

We have different kinds of pencil boxes and geometry boxes, metal geometry boxes being one of our most liked products.

Flair’s geometry box & tools are sturdy, safe, and of good value for money. Our geometry boxes come with the entire set of tools, including the divider, compass, ruler, set square etc along with a basic instruction manual. We ensure that all the pieces are included in the box which may be required by the student. Our geometry box and tools have rust resistant metal bodies, Specially Designed Self Centering Compass, Smart Interchangeable Pencil Holder & Divider Pin, and High Quality Plastic is Used in Ruler, Protractor & Set Square. The boxes are available in trendy colors giving the kids an option to choose from, they are also durable and easy to keep clean.