Gel Pens

Gel pens are known for standing out, with their smooth and vivid imprints. We at Flair understand the knack one has for gel pens and are known to create the best pens in India. As one of the topmost gel pen manufacturers in India, we have a wide range of gel pens, suited for both professional and artsy purposes. You can explore our series for consistent and smooth writing instruments and glitter pens for excelling at your art projects. Gel pens are a hybrid of ball pen and rollerball pen, and bring you the best of both worlds.

Flair has focused on the user requirement, and thus after extensive user research, we have brought you the best gel pens in India. As one of the topmost gel and ball pens manufacturer, Flair assure that there is a pen suited for everyone’s needs and choices. Our gel pens are available in multiple colours, whether classic blue or black gel pen or colored glitter pens for art requirements. Flair has grown manifolds to be known as the best gel pen manufacturer in India and shall continue to be so!