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Available in 5 Variants

Reusable Outdoor Protection Face Mask

Engineered with Multi-Layered filtration system, Flair Protect Gear 95 reusable protection mask is your perfect outdoor companion. This mask is reusable up to 30 gentle hand washes. Carefully designed for all weather conditions keeping breathability and comfort in mind.

Flair Protect Gear 95 reusable outdoor protection mask keeps you safe from dangerous microbes, pollutants, dust, particulate matter, smoke from vehicle exhausts, factories, bushfires etc.,


  • Outer fabric is netted mesh for better breathability
  • Inner Layer Cotton Lycra fabric for soft and gentle feeling and perspiration absorbent material
  • 3rd Layer Melt Blown filter which is SITRA (Govt) approved
  • 4th Layer is SS-M MS (Spun Bond) which itself provides 5 additional layers of protections for additional filtration

Features & Benefits

  • Wearing and removing mask is easier than ever before as compared to other mask in the market which hooks on to the ear loops there by creating stress and pain (tension) behind the occipital region of the head.
  • Fashionable and Stylist mask comes In 5 different colors to suit your
  • Post usage of mask or removal of mask is easy as you may hang it on to your neck without any extra support just by dragging it down, for daily use (Mainly to eat or drink)
  • User friendly and adjustable nose clip to ensure zero suffocation and provide complete protection from transfer and inhalation of germs / bacteria spread through air flow passage near the maxillary region of nose. Also prevents air fogging on to spectacles and sunglasses while using the mask on regular basis.
  • It accommodates facial movements .
  • Value for money

Protection Efficiency

Flair Protect Gear 95
  • Flow rate Area ol 28.5 L/min
  • Main Particle size BFE : 3.0 (+- 0.3 um)
  • Main Particle size BFE : 0.3 um)




Instructions for Use

  • Wear the Face Mask around the face
  • Ensure both straps are correctly placed at the back of head
  • Tighten nose clip to prevent unfiltered air from entering through gaps
  • Use the adjustable stopper to ensure perfect fit of the elastic as per the head size

Wash Care Instructions

  • Washing / Reuse we recommend you wash your face mask regularly post use as per the guidelines mentioned only
  • Only gentle hand wash with wet cloth - sanitiser/ anti microbes cleaning solvent with alcohol content is recommended and permissible with care. to prevent from damaging the filters inside the face mask which provide the highest levels of protections
  • Avoid washing machine cleaning/ hard rinse or folding of face mask while cleaning as this may damage the face mask permanently

Flair Protect Gear Face Mask is reusable up to 30 gentle handwash

Mask Comparison

Particulars Surgical 3 Ply Mask FLAIR Protect Gear 95 Remarks
BFE 90% >95% FLAIR Protect Gear 95 - SITRA eertlffed
PFE 80% >95% FLAIR Protect Gear 95 - SITRA eertlffed
BFE Micron NA >3Microns FLAIR Protect Gear 95 - SITRA eertlffed
PFE Micron NA >0.3Microns FLAIR Protect Gear 95 - SITRA eertlffed
Reusable No Yes  
Washable No Yes  
Life 3-4 hours max 30 washes FLAIR Protect Gear 95 - SITRA eertlffed
Washable Test NA Yes FLAIR Protect Gear 95 - SITRA eertlffed
After Wash BFE Retain ability NA 95% FLAIR Protect Gear 95 - SITRA eertlffed
SMMS NA Yes Spun Bonded + Melt Blown + Melt Blown + Spun Bonded
SITRA Certifications NA Yes Certificate Number - M1900233
Anti-Mktobial Finish NA Anti-Bacterial Finish  
Nose Clip Yes Yes  
Cost 3-4 rupees per use
(Minimum of 3 to be used per day as per life)
1-4 rupees per use  
Stylish - Fashionable NA Yes  
Multi Color Options NA Yes  


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